Broadcast Range

Serving the Black Belt of West Alabama

In every city or region, one radio station usually stands apart from the rest.  In West Alabama that station is WVFG-FM.  In an area where the majority of the population enjoys along with a  growing disposable income, WVFG is clearly a leader.

With a coverage are that includes Perry, Marengo, Clarke, Sumter, Hale, Dallas, Greene, Choctaw and parts of Tuscaloosa and Lowndes counties, you can see why WVFG has the listening audience and the power to move its listeners to your doorstep.

Our competitors aren't other radio or TV stations, newspapers, billboards or social media.  These media believe in advertising just as we do.  All types of advertising is good! We stress important facts such as Showing our clients the advantages of WVFG, its format, along with 

the position we hold in the market place.

We of course, want to show positive reasons why an advertiser should use WVFG over a competitor. At WVFG we have the advertiser and the listener as top priority we encourage diversification and free market practices in allowing the advertiser to diversify and reach as many listeners as possible while at the same time providing quality media to the people of the Black Belt of West Alabama

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Being in an unrated market and using a "consult and sell" method of gathering information on our clients; We're able to define what their needs are, what they want to successfully achieve and what position in the market they want to capture.  They also point out which of the WVFG features would benefit them most when making their advertising decisions.